Major Thrust area of KVK, BAKSA:

Generating awareness among the farmers towards scientific agricultural technology and to convert agriculture to a commercial enterprise.

Management of Acid soil.

Orchard Management

Up scaling production and productivity of field and horticultural crops.

Management of soil fertility and maintenance of soil productivity through Integrated Nutrient management.

Management of Pests and diseases through integrated approaches.

Improvement of indigenous livestock (cattle, buffalo, goat and pig) for enhancement of production and productivity.

Exploration of feasibility of non-conventional feeds and fodder resources for reducing cost of production in livestock farming.

Development of poultry hatchery for employment generation of rural youth.

Up scaling production of fish seed and productivity of table fish.

To improve the women participation in agriculture and decision making.

Employment generating activities for rural youth through resource management.

To motivate the farmers towards integrated farming system.

Crop diversification in risk prone areas.

Establishment of model village/ Adarsh Gaon

Enhancing Bee keeping.

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