Discipline:Soil Science

• Vermicompost production technology at Dhepargaon.
• Awareness programme on Soil Testing for management of Soil Fertility and Sustainable Crop Productivity.
• Vermicompost production technology at Mushalpur.
• Vermicompost production technology at Mohklhuli.  

Discipline:Animal Science

• Cultivation of Fodder for livestock development.
• Healthcare Management in Livestock.
• Broiler farming for Self employment.
• Rearing of cross-bred pig for self employment.
• Training programme on Scientifc method of dairying.
• Training programme on Scientifc method of pig rearing.


• Commercial cultivation of Banana.
• Cultivation technology of Assam Lemon.
• Cultivation technology of Arecanut.
• Scientific Cultivation of Cucurbits.
•Scientific Cultivation practices of banana.
•Arecanut based multiple cropping System.

Discipline:PLant Protection

• Integrated pest and disease management in Potato.
• Vocational TRaining on Edibla Mushroom.
• Integrated pest and disease management in Cole Crops.  


• Integrated Nutrient Management(INM) in Boror Rice.
• Paddy seed production with special emphasis on seed certification.
• Scientific production technology of Summer Sesamum
• Improved Production technology of Sugarcane  

Discipline:Agril. Extension

• Formation and management of SHGs.
• Entrepreneurship development among Rural Youths for sustainable livelihood.
• Mobilization of Social capital in villages.
• PRA exercise for the village Borghuli under goreswar Block on 4th January, 2016
• PRA exercise for the village Sontola under Tamulpur Block on 8th January, 2016
• PRAexercise at village Baganpara

Discipline:Home Science

• Rearing of upgraded good.
• Demonstration cum workshop on Fabric painting for entrepreneurship development of rural youth.

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